The Sixth Kingdom ebook 07-22-22

The Sixth Kingdom: Wyvern Master Chronicles Book 1 – Dragons, Magic, and Control of the Wyverns… He who controls the Wyverns, rules the world.  NEW 4 BOOK FANTASY RELEASE!

The College, also known as the Sixth Kingdom, is the center of the world.  In those hallowed halls lie the tomes and archives of all the world’s knowledge, secrets, and wizardry.  For the past millennia, the nobility and privileged classes of the other kingdoms have sent their sons and daughters to the College to prepare them for their roles in ruling and guiding their respective kingdoms. 

Yet not everyone at the College is there to learn.  Some are sent to spy on their peers, others to spy on the College.  Despite the College’s position as the arbiter of world peace, war has been a frequent condition as each kingdom seeks to exert its power over its neighbors.

And then there are the wyverns.

Unbeknownst to all but a select few, the College is also the prison for five resurrected wyverns responsible for the swath of destruction 100 years ago when the great sorcerer Lorcyn decided he wanted to rule the world.  It was only by the combined might of the College’s wizards that Lorcyn was defeated, and the wyverns sealed away forever.

Though few know what happened to the wyverns, far too many know they are still alive.  Both wizards and kings search for them even now.

Into this mix is an unlikely hero, one most reluctant.  In fact, his presence at the College is odd, for he is neither royalty nor of noble heritage.  Truth is, Fiach was taken captive by slavers and sold to the College who quietly absorbed him into the routine of College life.

For Fiach, life was regulated and quite unremarkable as a Wisdom Scholar.  He had spent years working his way to Senior Acolyte level, preparing and waiting for the day that he would be elevated to the coveted Associate Wisdom Master level to join the elite ranks of those who ruled The College.

This is all about to change, for the wyverns have been discovered.

A Spy in the Court ebook 6-28-22

A Spy in the Court: Wyvern Master Chronicles Book 2Can you keep a secret? So can I…

Fiach’s future has never looked better.  Not only has he been promoted to Assistant Wisdom Master, he is now the adopted son and heir to the King of Kenrath.  Yet this success causes him to be pulled in two conflicting directions as both the College and his Father demand complete loyalty.

Entrusted as the Master Spy for the College, Fiach is forced to spy on his own Father, who, unaware of his son’s new position, invests Kenrath’s spying operations to him.  Fiach must now walk a fine line, balancing the interests of the College and his future as the King of Kenrath.

Yet his troubles are just beginning as murder at the highest levels of the College require drastic changes in leadership and he finds himself immersed in intrigue and assassinations.  At least his love life has dramatically improved… or so he thought until that fateful visit to Goringen…

Raising the Dead eBook 07-22-22

Raising the Dead: Wyvern Master Chronicles Book 3Are you wizard enough to control the dead?

Wyverns.  Everyone knows they are the key.  Control the wyverns and you have the power to conquer kingdoms.  However, to control them, one needs to be a very powerful wizard and Lorcyn, the only wizard powerful enough to force them to obey him, was killed over 100 years ago, not long after he had resurrected the dead dragons and wreaked havoc on the surrounding kingdoms.

The kingdoms are now in a race to discover where the wyverns are and what spells Lorcyn used to control them.  And it’s no secret that both spells and wyverns are hidden somewhere in the College.

Fiach suddenly finds himself the center of attention as Kings and Grandmasters press him to give them what they want.  And in the process, he discovers the truth about his past. 

Yet this new-found knowledge is of little help as he evades assassins, only to be tossed into prison with little chance of escape.  Oh, by the way, Cliona has been kidnapped by Manus’ wizards.

Wizard King ebook 7-1-22

Wizard King: Wyvern Master Chronicles Book 4 A wizard by birth, a king by murder.

Fiach is not a happy camper.  There are far too many people wanting him dead.  Add to that, dragon hunters now freely roam in three of the five kingdoms.  And there’s been another change of leadership at the College.  Of course, that happened after the College was invaded by a neighboring kingdom.

And there’s more chilling news when he learns someone has discovered Lorcyn’s sorcery and has turned a wyvern.  Brendal Pendragon, Lord of the Dragons, has come to him for help.

It’s now time to settle old scores and forever rid the world of dragon hunters.  At the same time, he must defeat the marshalled forces of sorcery that threaten to return the world to those dark days when Lorcyn resurrected dead dragons and unleashed them to destroy his enemies.

Fiach must choose.  If he helps Brendal Pendragon, he could lose a kingdom.  If he stays in Wyndych, he could lose everything, the College included.

– Not quite dead as some had hoped, King Diad sits once again on the throne. Discovering his wife married to another, he quite happily divorces her and exiles her from the capital. The once powerful Queen is now relegated to the role as the wife of a mere prelate. However, King Diad is not the same as he once was and soon he is king in name only, for the new Lord Chamberlain has deftly assumed the power behind the throne.

Fool's Gold eBook Cover from Amazon Image 07-28-21


Tombstone Series:  Fool’s Gold, Book 1 – The Wild, Wild, West with a zombie twist! US Marshal Mason Sadler has a great hustle going on with the vivacious and lovely Belle Dubois, the madam of the Bird Cage Theater in Tombstone, Arizona Territory. She keeps the outlaws occupied until he conveniently shows up to arrest them after which she and Mason split the reward.

Their business arrangement is going rather well until the wealthy inventor and archaeologist Henry Mitchell decides to make a play for Belle’s attention and affection.  Read More

An Ounce of Lead 

Tombstone Series:  An Ounce of Lead, Book 2 – Reginald Worthington is a vindictive man. He blames US Marshal Mason Sadler for the death of his only child, the former Mrs. Sadler. Now Worthington wants revenge.

Enlisting the services of a highly skilled team of cutthroats, he dispatches them to Tombstone with orders to kill Sadler and anyone he cares about, especially Belle Dubois, the Bird Cage Theater Madame and the love of his life who just happens to be the new Mrs. Sadler.  Read More

                                      Rebirth of Angels - A Dystopian Novel (Website Size)

Rebirth of AnglesWant to Live Forever?

We’ve all said it as we grow older; “If only I knew then what I know now.”  With angelic rebirth (the polite term for cloning), your dreams can now become reality!  Let Resurrection Industries transplant your mature brain into a new you.  100% satisfaction guaranteed.  And why stop there?  Angelically rebirth yourself every 20 years and you can live forever!

So what’s the catch?

Some people think clones are people too. 

Pieter Dwa, once a corporate private investigator, finds himself on the other side of the Cordon walls where societal outcasts are condemned to an abandoned world to fend for themselves. But revenge and justice run deep and Pieter is immediately caught up in a global rebellion to liberate the clones and overthrow the corporation before it unleashes a biological holocaust that will destroy half of mankind.

Ctrl Z eBook Cover Copy from Amazon 07-26-21

Ctrl-Z The Do Over Stone – A dark and twisted novella – Some wishes are like thorns; they hurt when they come true.  Mark has just lost his job.  With the help of the Do Over Stone, he sets out to punish those responsible.  He quickly learns the Do Over Stone can help him beyond his wildest imaginations.  Too late, he discovers there is a price to pay.



a young man no more

a young man no more – In ‘a young man no more,’ pdmac’s richly textured poetry pushes one to pause and relive life’s choices, relationships, and encounters within the overriding existential angst of fleeting time. Each poem, a narrative told in retrospect, becomes a mise en scéne of lovers, friends, and seasons. Sit back and enjoy, and drift into the memory of what might have been, if only… Read More

Bridge Quest: A GameLit Adventure Series – Karl is worse than a newb.  He doesn’t even like role playing games.  Still, they did give him a choice: totally immerse or die.

Now Karl is on his very first adventure into the gaming world of Bridge Quest.  It’s a world so real that it’s hard to tell the difference between NPCs and the players; where tastes, smells, sounds and experiences are so vivid you forget you’re in an artificial world.  Except for those pesky popups and stats charts, Karl discovers he’s having more fun than in real life.  He even gets to kill orcs, gnolls, trolls, and goblins and then hang out with gorgeous women.  And the best part is that he’ll never die… at least that’s what they told him.

Unfortunately, there is one significant drawback – there’s no coffee.


Beyond Her Touch eBook Cover 03-30-20

Beyond Her Touch: A Viking Time Travel Romance – Imagine finding the love of your life only to lose him 1000 years ago.

Nordic professor Erik Jonsson lived a life of dull routine: predictable, consistent, and alone.   That was until Tone Thorgilsdottir showed up in class.  Awakening long dormant passions, Tone captures Erik’s heart, unleashing a craving and desire he’d never felt before.   A winning Time Travel lottery ticket adds to the excitement and the two lovers decide to head back to the time of King Alfred the Great and find a priest to officiate their marriage.

Unfortunately, a glitch in the Time Machine sends them back a hundred years earlier… to Lindisfarne… just as Vikings attack the monastery.  In the ensuing confusion and battle, Eric is left behind.

Now Tone must find a way to go back in time to rescue him… that is, if he’s still alive.


Throne of Deceit Book 1 eBook Cover

Throne of Deceit: Dragons of Isentol, Book 1 – Their royal parents assassinated, two young siblings are separated and hidden to protect their future and the future of their kingdom. Only when their adoptive families are murdered do they discover the truth of their heritage. Now it is time to reclaim what is theirs.

But to do that, they will need an army – and magic. With many interested in their royal roots, they must decide who can be trusted … and who is trying to kill them.

Throne of Deceit is the first book in the series Dragons of Isentol, a tale of dragons, magic, and a growing rebellion against tyranny.


Rune Marked Book 2 eBook Cover

Rune Marked: Dragons of Isentol, Book 2 – Conal and Gwen are hard-pressed to evade Torian’s spies and armies while gathering support to combat the evil king’s quest for total domination. But they can’t do it alone and must seek out the help of dwarves and elves – with unintended consequences.

The sudden arrival of dragon-hunters causes some to wonder if the people are filled with madness or if dragons, which were exterminated 150 years ago, might possibly still exist, especially as these fanatics are obsessed with their mission of finding and killing dragons. But why now? What has caused these zealots to abruptly appear, demanding to know where the dragons are?

Just when things might be looking up for the rebellion, they discover there are traitors among them.


Empire of Serpents Book 3 eBook Cover

Empire of Serpents: Dragons of Isentol, Book 3 – 

The end draws near.

United in their efforts to combat King Torian’s evil, Gwen and Conal must now come to terms with the fact that the wicked person responsible for the tyranny and suffering, and the one they seek to destroy, is their uncle.

But is being rune-marked with special powers enough to defeat Torian’s mages, especially one as powerful as Gimmar the Mage-breaker?

When several kingdoms refuse to join their quest, Gwen and Conal find themselves depending on the one race they know they can trust.


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